Looking for Community

This morning at our Life Group we talked about belonging. Can we form Christian Community that welcomes people who do not live or believe as we do? This is a question bigger than this blog post and I need to deal with this, but later.

For now, I find helpful these words form pastor, theologian and founder of the National Institute in Church Finance and Administration, Ken Callahan, who says,
“People come to a church longing for, yearning for, and hoping for this sense of roots, place, belonging, sharing, and caring. People come to a church in our time with a search for community, not committee. We make the mistake of assuming that, by putting people on a committee, they will develop ownership for the objectives of the church. People are not looking for ownership of objectives or for functional, organizational, institutional goals. Their search is far more profound and desperate than that. They are looking for home, for relationships. They are looking for the profound depths of community.”



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