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Answer for Barna & Revolution

First posted Feb 22, 2006 on my old blog… In a recent enewletter from Christianity Today, writer Will Reaves reviews Barna’s book Revolution [] and makies this comment: “[Barna seems to be] comparatively unconcerned about the death of churches: ‘[T]he traditional local congregation has not effectively produced mature disciples.’ But Barna has yet to explain … Continue reading

New relationship – first published Jan 16, 2006

First published Jan 16, 2006 on my old blog… I had a fascinating visit this past weekend with a new friend, Riley Sexton, from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Riley is the leader of an emerging missional community of faith based in his city. The community if arising from Rock of Ages Church, part of the Church of … Continue reading

Prayer Log – January 28, 2006

This prayer log was first published January 28, 2006. Re-published in my current blog. ———————– I’m all alone at a prayer gathering tonight, nine to midnight, and enjoying the presence of God, reflecting on scriptures and music vids about life, faith, mission, hope. Here are my prayer logs tonight… Up The primary impetus for this … Continue reading