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Worship Concerts & Church-Scale

It recently struck me that a misional community of faith, espeically an emerging/embryonic one, does not have the chutzpah to draw people into it becuase of events, size, or money. When relationships are the prioirty, events and their measurement (size, money, fame, flash) lose their dominating influence. The down-side to this, however, is that such … Continue reading

Bounded Sets & Purpose Driven Church

This post is connected with “In or “Out” from a few days back. It’s like a part two to that post that dealt with centered & bounded sets relating to a misisonal ecclesiology. Thought you should know. The bounded-set ecclesiology prevails in the church in America today. It is so ingrained into the fundamental understanding … Continue reading

Members or Disciples?

Part three in an ongoing series musing on a missional theology of ecclesiology… A cultural and ministry shift is occurring in the Church in America. Beginning in the late 20th century and growing in this new century, a re-focus is occurring from church membership to discipleship as the goal of congregational ministries. While the call … Continue reading

“In” or “Out”

This is part two of a discussion on a post-Christendom context for Christian communities of faith. A prevalent paradigm within most churches today is that of a bounded set. The traditional-attractional model seeks to have people cross over a boundary. You are either “in” or “out.” The concern is over who is “in,” who is … Continue reading

Finding Common Ground in a Post-Christendom World – Part 1

This is part one of a multi-part set of musings exploring what it mean s to be a missional community of faith in the context of post-Christendom. You’ll need to read the post to understand what I mean, but it’ll be worth the read. Trust me. Our journey is a courageous missional engagement where we … Continue reading