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What are Christians like?

I used this video clip in a message this past Sunday as a parallel mataphor centered on Luke 16:19-31. What first comes to mind when you hear the word “Ebenezer”? For me, it’s Ebenezer Scrooge, and it’s not positive. I think others might have a similar response. Check out this intro of Scrooge as written … Continue reading

Colored People

This year, I’m celebrating the tenth anniversary of the release of DC Talk’s Jesus Freak. While there are a couple of other favorites that really rock, this is the one that needs priority attention. This one’s for my church family, Ebenezer Lutheran Brethren Church, and especially for Brothers/Pastors Dale, Darrick, and Carlos. Grace, Peace & … Continue reading

To what end?

Not too long ago, I gathered with some friends for prayer, and we were sharing about a couple of bible studies that some were involved with. There were striking reflections on the flow and context of the book of the Bible being studied, replete with geographic coverage that eventually narrowed and centered on the prophet’s … Continue reading