To what end?

Not too long ago, I gathered with some friends for prayer, and we were sharing about a couple of bible studies that some were involved with. There were striking reflections on the flow and context of the book of the Bible being studied, replete with geographic coverage that eventually narrowed and centered on the prophet’s audience, and once their location was sighted, the judgments made about the surrounding peoples suddenly took on unavoidable relevance, were shocking, and quite painful. We agreed that these scripture passages and our study of them were good for us.

Immediately, we read from this same book in preparation for our prayers focused on reaching out, I was struck by my hypocricy of affirming “wonderful” bible studies that were completely sheltered from anyone outside of my Christian bubble. My prayer of desiring to be living more and more like I confess seemed hollow, and I have now been reflecting on that incongruence.

Lord Jesus, forgive me my lip service to being part of your missionary people. Thank you for your grace that covers my sin. Grant me the strength of your Spirit and the compelling joy of your gospel to transform my life into a meaningful witness of you and your redemptive reign in our world. Amen.



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