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Daily Abiding – Jan 31, 2012

Dear Disciple, Exodus 25 & 26 record, in great detail, instructions for Israel to construct the Ark of the Covenant and the Tabernacle. It must have been an impressive site, portable as it was. God gave very specific detail of measurement and purpose for each piece used for worship. Meanwhile, Matthew 20:17-34 records: Jesus telling … Continue reading

Why I don’t believe in Christian Accountability | A Response

Within the church I serve, we’re taking steps toward developing an environment of high challenge (not common in church culture) as well as strong encouragement (which is common). One word for this is accountability. But is true accountability really experienced? I had a pastor-friend ask me once, “Todd, have you ever been in an accountability … Continue reading

Daily Abiding – Jan 25, 2012

Dear Disciple, Today’s OT text (Exodus 12-13) is about the seminal Exodus event for Israel, featuring the Passover meal. In Matthew 12, Jesus warns his disciples about the “yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees” – meaning their teaching. I think it also includes their attitudes (trying to trap Jesus) and hypocrisy. There is, of course, … Continue reading

Daily Abiding – Jan 17, 2012

Dear Disciple, There is so much in today’s texts! Genesis 41 records the interpretation of Pharoah’s dreams by Joseph; Genesis 42 reveals the re-connection of Joseph with his brothers; and the heat is raised in Matthew 12 with Jesus’ interaction with the Pharisees. A couple of reflections: Joseph has been matured finally to the point … Continue reading

Daily Abiding – Jan 16, 2012

Dear Disciple, Genesis 39 records the story of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife; in Genesis 40 Joseph interprets the dreams of Pharoah’s officials but is left forgotten in prison; in Matthew 11, Jesus hears questions from the John the Baptist and ends with praising if Father in heaven for revealing himself through Jesus to the disciples, … Continue reading