Abiding in God's Word

Daily Abiding – Jan 2, 2012

Dear Disciple,

Today’s text is Genesis 4-6 and Matthew 2. In these are accounts of birth that contain elements of 3 curses accompanied by 3 covenants…
– Birth of Cain and Able, murder of Able, God’s curse on Cain, yet covenant of protection (Gen 4:15)
– Birth of Noah’s sons, wickedness of humanity, curse of flood, yet covenant promise of God (Gen 6:18)
– Birth of Jesus (Mt 2) & Herod’s slaughter of the innocents (Jeremiah 31:15), yet God acts upon His covenant promise of protection (Mt 2:13-15)

What is God’s Word saying to me?
Through the ups and downs of daily life, God’s presence provides promises of protection and provision (okay, I couldn’t help but go for the alliteration! Forgive me). But it’s true: following God in the way of Jesus is not a trouble-free proposition, but we do receive the promised presence, protection, and empowering of the Holy Spirit.

What am I going to do about it?
When my spirit becomes troubled by circumstance or disposition, I will look for God’s presence, consider His promises to me, and relax in Christ Jesus!

May you know God’s presence, protection and provision today.

In Christ,




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