Abiding in God's Word

Daily Abiding – Jan 7, 2012

Dear Disciple,

Today’s texts are Genesis 18-19 and Matthew 6:1-18. Genesis 18 shows God’s tremendous grace as Abraham negotiates for sparing Sodom & Gomorrah for 10 righteous people. We hit a real sad and low point in Genesis 19 with the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah and the actions of Lot and his daughters. Jesus, in Matthew 6, teaches on giving, prayer and fasting.

What is God’s Word saying to me?
As you grow in your own spiritual practice of seeing God’s word intersect with your flow of everyday living, you will see how the Holy Spirit might prompt unique learning each time. For me, today, God’s word really communicates the generosity of our God’s grace (Genesis 18), especially when contrasted with the depths of human depravity. In Genesis 19, Lot offers his daughters for sexual abuse instead of his guests. He then tries to convince his to-be sons-in-law to flee with him, despite having just offered their fiances as sexual fodder. Is it any wonder how the family deteriorates into incest? Yuk! Yet, God spared Lot and his daughters. God also spares me – and you – because of his son Jesus our savior.

What am I going to do about it?
In response to God’s so great salvation for me, I will seek God throughout the remainder of today in a posture of personal prayer, seizing prompts from the Holy Spirit through the incidents of my day to prayerfully seek God’s shaping of my attitude and behavior in ways honoring to him.

How about you?

Pastor Todd



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