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Daily Abiding – Feb 13, 2012

Dear Disciple, Today’s texts are Leviticus 14 (cleansing skin disease & household mold) & Mt 26:51-75 where Jesus is arrested in the Garden and brought to trial. Peter denies Jesus, and Jesus answers the question about being the Messiah and is sentenced to death. What is God’s word saying to me? I continue to marvel … Continue reading

Daily Abiding – Feb 7, 2012

Dear Disciple, We start in Leviticus today, first three chapters, which lays out detail on different types of offerings. In Matthew 24, Jesus describes how things will be at the beginning of the end. What is God’s Word saying to me? Worship for Israel was a bloody enterprise; but more than that, the offerings had … Continue reading

Daily Abiding – Feb 2, 2012

Dear Disciple, Today’s texts are Exodus 29-30, Matthew 21:23-46. The OT texts lay out the procedures for ordination and consecration of the priests as well as daily offerings, etc. In the Matthew test, Jesus puts the religious leaders on the defensive when they question his authority. What is God’s Word saying to me? Being part … Continue reading

Daily Abiding – Feb 1, 2012

Dear Disciple, In today’s texts, Exodus 27-28 describe the making of worship elements, including great detail about priestly garments. I was particularly struck with the names of the tribes of Israel being part of the priestly clothing of Aaron. in Matthew 21:1-22, Jesus enters Jerusalem to great cheers and has a physical and verbal skirmishes … Continue reading

Daily Abiding – Jan 31, 2012

Dear Disciple, Exodus 25 & 26 record, in great detail, instructions for Israel to construct the Ark of the Covenant and the Tabernacle. It must have been an impressive site, portable as it was. God gave very specific detail of measurement and purpose for each piece used for worship. Meanwhile, Matthew 20:17-34 records: Jesus telling … Continue reading