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Making Disciples – First & Last Words of Jesus (1 of 2)

There is something notable about the first and final words a person says. We love to hear the first words of a baby. What someone says on their deathbed also carries great significance. The very first recorded words of Jesus’ public ministry define his teaching: The time is fulfilled; the kingdom of God draws nigh; … Continue reading

get service

a friend sent me this video on facebook. i think it’ll be part of mission:minneapolis training. it’s good.


we don’t worship a cross – we worship the Christ of the cross. when we consider the cross of Jesus Christ, we are reminded (if we know and are willing to reflect) of why Jesus came, what he accomplished for us, and of the gift of salvation offered to us free but at great cost … Continue reading

michael frost – concluding remarks on missional

michael frost – what is the missional church?

One of the early formative books on missional church that had an impact on my thinking was The Shaping of Things To Come by Michael Frost and Alan Hirsch. I am deeply indebted to Beth & Lawrence for introducing it to me. It’s a must read for missional learners. Here’s a presentation by Michael Frost … Continue reading