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bondage of the will

do you believe in fate? most don’t like the idea because they don’t like the idea that they aren’t in control of their own life. sound like you? let me tell you why you’re here. you’re here because you know something. what you know you can’t expalain, but you feel it. you’ve felt it your … Continue reading

Waiting – missional repentance

This sums up what entails a change from a Christendom Church to a Missional Church..to a tune by one of my favorite artists…

What are Christians like?

I used this video clip in a message this past Sunday as a parallel mataphor centered on Luke 16:19-31. What first comes to mind when you hear the word “Ebenezer”? For me, it’s Ebenezer Scrooge, and it’s not positive. I think others might have a similar response. Check out this intro of Scrooge as written … Continue reading

Recanting Worship Evangelism

Below is an article by author Sally Morgenthaler in which she rethinks her own paradigm, which could be described as Worship Evangelism. (That was a title of her book.) I will give her (or anybody) the freedom to rethink previously-held positions, and I agree with much of what she writes in this article, but I … Continue reading