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lay my body in the ground but let my spirit touch the sky

one really needs to know some of the journey of larry norman in order to appreciate the depth and insight of the lyrics of this song. your body’s being laid in the ground today, my friend, and your spirit indeed is touching the sky. you’ll be missed… meanwhile, i’m still living this song… Advertisements

remembering larry norman

A music pioneer, poet, and theologian passed away this past Sunday. If I was ever to be stranded on an island and could have the music collection of only one artist, it would be Larry Norman. I’ll miss you, friend, but glad you’re home with our Lord.


we don’t worship a cross – we worship the Christ of the cross. when we consider the cross of Jesus Christ, we are reminded (if we know and are willing to reflect) of why Jesus came, what he accomplished for us, and of the gift of salvation offered to us free but at great cost … Continue reading

bondage of the will

do you believe in fate? most don’t like the idea because they don’t like the idea that they aren’t in control of their own life. sound like you? let me tell you why you’re here. you’re here because you know something. what you know you can’t expalain, but you feel it. you’ve felt it your … Continue reading

living a cross-centered life – part one

Here’s a clip about one aspect of living a cross-centered life: being broken, but in a sweet way…